Marriage Vows



For those whom God joins

“To keep your marriage brimming with love in the loving cup: When you’re wrong, admit it; when you’re right, shut up” – Oyden Nash


The Christian faith is of far greater importance and value than anything else in life. It is singularly the most serious issue, you and I, face. This concerns life in all its dimensions and transcends time and space. It can equip us for life, suffering, and death and beyond all that. The Christian faith as revealed in both the Old and New Testaments of the Scriptures far surpasses the philosophies and scientific endeavours of all time. These only scratch on the surface of things and are only descriptive of the observable. A little knowledge is always a very dangerous thing. It often produces a degree of arrogance not found in those who have greater knowledge. The men of true learning and wisdom are humbled by their awareness of how little they know. Jesus Christ is the greatest revelation of God, given to mankind. In His incarnation, death and resurrection we find the meaning, purpose, origins and destiny of life. Only in this revelation we escape from meaningless existence. As we look to Him, we discover the futility of all our present day attempts to unravel the mystery of life. Only in the acceptance of Christ’s purpose and mission are we able to look outside the content of this life to Him who is the creator of it all. Without this ability, a void and sense of meaninglessness permeate every aspect of our lives. Only through the death and suffering of Christ is there any possibility of us ever knowing our worth and God’s love for us. Other than this, we would find that as our knowledge of all the intricacies and immensity of the universe increases, we become proportionately more insignificant and disposable.

 This century’s Darwinists have played havoc with the minds of thinking people. The strategies of this now largely discredited philosophy were contrived and have consequently destroyed faith in the objectivity of several highly acclaimed scientists. Most Christian theologians cowered before those who boldly paraded their new found “discoveries”. After more than 130 years, Darwinists have failed to provide one single shred of empirical evidence to prove their theory. All the technological advances of man have not improved him as a person. Today man is morally destitute. Technology has only made him more sophisticated in his barbarism. Murder, euphemistically called “abortion”, is legal. Impropriety, fraud, corruption, disloyalty, and sexual perversions (life styles) of the worst kind are promoted in our homes on TV. Pornography and violence are peddled wholesale to the public. Society is breaking up rapidly. Family life is no longer of value and each person lives only for himself. Disillusionment with life follows and depression has, therefore, become the disease of our century.

 Most of us have, however, grown up in a society where Christianity was still the official religion of the country. Christian norms and standards were the criteria by which truth and behavioural patterns were measured. We had some objective standard by which to measure our values and norms. We could appeal to and provide some prescriptive answers to the moral and ethical challenges of our time. Even if our parents were not all that they should have been morally and spiritually, society in general, imposed upon us the essential values of the Christian faith. In school, sport, over television and on the bookshelves, we lived in a society where Christian values and standards were maintained. If not, we could insist on it. We had some form of appeal. We lived in a society where our Christian values were at least protected. In a real spiritual and material sense, the sceptre of Christ ruled over this country. Demonic spirits and influences were active, but always restrained as they operated in Christ’s territory. Today our children grow up in a world you and I never knew. They grow up in a world that is wholly given over to Satan. Today we live and operate for Christ behind enemy lines. Parents now have tremendous responsibility to train their children in the ways of God and in the truth of His word. Fathers and mothers have to know the word of God. Parents have to be aware of the immense pressures with which their children have to wrestle. Their children are growing up in a society that is becoming increasingly more hostile to the Christian faith.

It is for this reason that at your marriage, the onus is placed upon you, husband and wife and hopefully in time as parents, to teach you by your life and example the high values of the Christian faith. You are also to instruct your children the word of God. I urge you to please accept this as the greatest and most serious responsibility and priority in your life. You must apply yourself accordingly and may God help you to do so. The Church and I are here to help and encourage you.

 Yours with love and deep concern,

 Fred Shaw

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