TLC Classes

TLC Classes

The Telos Life Course (TLC) is a living course, as scripture becomes a living word to those who are obedient to it. The course is designed to bring people back to the true Christ and biblically explains the five elements present in those who claim to be children of God. Misconceptions and the many false gospels being proclaimed such as “God being there for you” are addressed in the TLC.


Book One: Repentance
Getting our ideas, perspectives and values right
God’s way versus the world’s methods
Focussing on God and His Kingdom

Book Two: Receiving Christ
Applying Biblical principles to practical life
Issues that come between you and God
Emotional hindrances
Persistent thoughts and sinful habits

Book Three: Ready Obedience
Good news
Freedom and submission

Book Four: Restored Fellowship
Acceptance by God
Victory in Christ
Knowing God and eternal life

Book Five: Reasonable Service
The living and logical sacrifice that is pleasing to God